In Progress Release Notes

Version <in development>Not released yet

Features Added

  • Partial implementation of GCS-25: Skills & spells can now be based off of 10 rather than a stat.
  • GCS-151: Add self-control roll option of N/A.
  • Skill and spell containers now sum the points spent on items they contain.

Bugs Fixed

  • Unidentified keys will now have the key name emitted as part of the error message when exporting a text template. Previously, most cases would emit a "%s" instead.
  • GCS-143: The 'Use GURPS Metric Rules' option isn't honored correctly when calculating the total weight of container.
  • GCS-152: Size modifier incorrectly affecting ST pricing with KYOS rules enabled.

Data File Changes

  • Added the Gray Necromancer from Pyramid 3-50.
  • Added spells from Pyramid 3-50.
  • GCS-149: Skill Dancing should default to DX-5.